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Learn how to copy a Client Service Form.


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To be able to duplicate a Client Service Form, you must have the Service Form open.  You will also need additional Clients included in the Direct Service Session.

There are 2 ways to get to the Maintain a Session - Edit a Client Session page.

  1. You can click Find Session from the Side Menu. To review, click on Find a Session.
  2. Select your Find your Client and Select the Session you wish to copy from the Client's Dashboard. To review, click on Find a Client.

Please note: All Sessions except for anonymous Client Sessions can be copied.  


Copying a Client Service Form

Client Service Forms are typically copied when there is more than one person at a Direct Service Session, for example, a family member.

Please ensure you have saved the form before copying.

Click on Copy to add that Form to additional Clients. You will see a Copy button at the top of the Service Form, beside the Save button. If there are additional Clients listed in the Clients & Forms table for the Direct Service Session, any Form that is copied will be copied to the additional Client(s).

Copying a form to all session clients will replace the contents of forms of the same type for all clients for forms that are in Agency Programs you have access to. If you need to edit any of the information, you will have to go into the Forms individually and edit them once they have been copied.



All Service Form information will be copied to the additional Client(s) including Tasks and Referrals.

The following are Service Forms that are NOT duplicated:

Information & Orientation, Community Connections Group Activities

  • The Group Activity Forms are not duplicated

Please note: For I/O and C/C Sessions, only Group Attendee Forms can be duplicated.

Language Training Sessions

  • none of the Language Training Forms can be copied

Please note: Only the Language Training Session can be duplicated.

If the original Form has been updated or edited, it can be copied to the additional Clients by clicking on Copy. You do not have to delete the first copied Form.


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