Language Assessment Form (Retired)

Learn how to add and complete the Language Assessment Form (Interim) for Direct Service Sessions.

Start Here

After you have created a Session form and added a Client you will be able to add and complete Service Forms for the Client(s).

Instructions and Definitions

Interim Service Forms are shorter than regular Service Forms and currently the information captured in these forms cannot be Bulk Uploaded to iCARE.

Language Assessment

Use this Form when you are recording information on the assessment of an official language. 

Required Green Fields

Agency Program: Select the Program that you work for to deliver this Service from the drop down menu.

Service Funded By: Select the funder for the Service by clicking on 'Select a Funder' and selecting your Funder from the list of options.

Referred By: Select a Referral for the Service from the drop down menu.

Language Assessed: Select the official language that is being assessed from the drop down menu.

If more information is required, it can be typed into the Comment box provided.  

Tasks and Referrals can be created to build a Settlement Plan for the Client. To review this process, click on Tasks/Referrals and Building a Settlement Plan.

Client Support Services are also included on this Form. To review this section, click on Client Support Services.

Adding a Language Assessment Interim Service Form

Session form must be created first. Once you have completed the Session form you will be able to add Service forms to the Session.  

The Information & Orientation form is automatically attached to the created Session with your Client. It is the default form. If you are not using this Form for this Session, delete it.  

Click on 'Add Form', a blank field with a drop down arrow will appear.  Click on the drop down arrow and select Language Assessment Form (Interim).

Click on 'Edit' to complete the Form.

Next Steps

Once you have completed filling in the necessary information, you can add any Tasks or Referrals provided during this session by pressing the Tasks and Referrals button.

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