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Learn how to find and update your personal information including your email address, password and language settings.

Start Here

Click on the My Profile link in the Administrative menu located in the sidebar.

Instructions and Definitions

Accessing your User Profile

Please ensure that your user profile settings are current by reviewing the Maintain My User Profile page. Click on My Profile located near the bottom of the sidebar, under Administrative.

Your Profile

It is important that you keep your email address up-to-date or you will not receive any updates from OCMS. This is also where your new password request emails are sent when you change your password.

Tasks you can perform the first time you log in:

  • Edit your Title, First Name and Last Name
  • Change the Password
  • Telephone: This number will be used in all settlement plans provided to your clients as part of your contact information.
  • Email address: All notifications will be sent here.
  • Client Safe email (reply to): Set an email address that is safe for a client to know and can reply to if it is not the same email address you are registered under.
  • Use Client Safe Email: By checking this box it is OK to send emails to the client safe email you entered.
  • Set your preferred language: Either English or French

If you change your preferred language you will need to logout after saving. Once you log back in, the system will be set to your preferred language.

Users have always had the ability to add their default location (“site”) which would then auto-populate on the Session page and Reports page but now we have added a number of new options that will make data entry faster.

If you update the following entries in the My Profile section you won’t have to manually add them when entering data.

Service Form

Any new Service Form (IO, Needs, etc.) can load with the following values already selected.

  • Service Funded By
  • Agency Program

Session Form

  • Session Type: if you usually use something besides the “Direct Session” type you can make it so the Session Type you need most often (Community Connections, Language, IO Group, etc.) is already selected.
  • Type of Institution
  • Language (of Session)

Client Profile

Many of your clients will have common answers to the following options. You can set defaults that will save some steps when entering Client Profiles

  • Official Language
  • City (client’s address): Please ensure staff spell the city correctly. There are already many misspellings of cities entered by staff and it makes future data analysis difficult.
  • Province (client’s address)

Of course, you don’t have to fill in any of these defaults if you don’t want to. And the actual values can always be changed when you are on the Form in question. They are just optional features that should be timesavers for quite a few staff. 

Change Your Password

Your email and password identify you to the system, and allow you to view your account.  You can change your password at any time.

To change your password, follow the steps below:

  • Click My Profile from the side menu on the homepage.
  • Type your new password in the Password field and in the Confirm Password field
  • Your password is case sensitive
  • Click Save to save this information

If you forget your password use the "I have forgotten my password" link on the login screen.

Password Rules

Your Password must contain:

  • Minimum length = 6
  • Maximum length = 12
  • No blank passwords
  • Password cannot contain username even if case differs
  • Must contain one or more digits
  • Must contain one or more letters a-z (lowercase)
  • Must contain one or more letters A-Z (uppercase)
  • Must contain at least one of the following characters ! @ # $ % ^ & * ? _ ~ £ ( )


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