My Briefcase - Execute Report in Background

"Execute Report in Background" is a new option when you are submitting reports that will help improve the speed and usability of the site. We call it "My Briefcase".

Each agency generates a lot of client and session data and filtering that data to generate reports requires a lot of computer power (CPU/RAM). Reports can sometimes take several minutes to run depending on the size the data set. And depending on the number of reports being run at the same time, these report jobs can use up enough computer power to affect the entire site.

To counter this problem we are introducing ‘asynchronous’ reporting.

This means when you submit your report request instead of having to wait for the report to load it will be added to a queue of report ‘jobs’ and you will be notified when it is ready.

Only when there is the required processing power will each report be run. This will minimize the impact on the rest of the system.

Q and A

What has changed about submitting a report?

Very little. We have added a new button to the report page.

Your request gets sent to the Report queue for processing when you press the "Execute Report in Background" button.

Can I leave the report page?

Yes. This is the best thing about this for the user. You don't have to wait for the report to load. You can close the session, go to other OCMS pages, whatever you want. The report will be processed even if you close your browser.

Just make sure you wait for this signal in the top right:

Once you see this message your request is sent.

How do I know my report is ready?

When your report is ready to be reviewed a grey "briefcase" on the far right corner will turn red:

When it is red, click on the icon and your “Briefcase” window will appear. This window contains download links and updates on your submissions.

Will I have to wait long for my report?

Timing will depend on how busy the site is. If the site is quiet (ie early, late) the "background" version of the job will run quickly and you download from the "Briefcase" window.

However, if the site is busy, say, month-end / year-end, the system will stagger each report request to lessen the impact on the site as a whole. So you may wind up waiting longer for your report.

But, remember, you don't have to sit waiting for it. You can do other tasks and then wait for the "red" icon on the far right corner.

How long do reports stay in My Briefcase?

The reports you create will be available for 30 days after they are created. You can always recreate them of course, but to reduce clutter and overhead, we will delete older submissions.

More about the Briefcase

The Green circle indicates the report is ready and was successful.

A Yellow circle indicates the report is “started” and will be processed soon.

A Red circle indicated the report failed to run. Hopefully, you don’t see that too often (if at all).

The blue, underlined Report title is the link you use to download the report file (PDF, XLSX, DOC, TIFF, etc).

  • "Submitted" tells you when you sent the request.
  • "Started" and "Completed" indicates when the actual 'job' was run.
  • "Status" will be "Submitted", "Started" or "Completed".
  • "Result" will be "OK", "No Data" or "Failed".
  • "Expires" indicates when the actual 'job' will be deleted.

The icons on the far right will let you delete the Report/Request or you can review the search parameters (filters).

Please remember that you need to manage your briefcase. 

If you no longer want to store a report in the Briefcase, you can delete it.

Regular reports will be removed in 30 days. Bulk Uploads in 60.

You can always rerun the report (or just save the file to your computer) but the PDF or Excel file that is created will be removed from the server after 30 or 60 days.

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