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Learn about your recent activities and clients including finding incomplete Session forms.

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Click on the OCASI logo on the top left of any page or the Home link in the My Tasks menu in the sidebar to get back to the homepage.

Instructions and Definitions

User Dashboard 

  • OCMS User Dashboard shows your Session activity. 
  • My Incomplete Sessions displays incomplete Service forms,
  • Today's Updated Sessions shows any Sessions that were created or updated today.
  • Today's Updated Clients shows any Client Profiles that were created or updated today.

User Dashboard

My Incomplete Sessions Tab

This tab shows a listing of your Sessions that contain Service forms that have not been completed. On the Session page the incomplete Service form(s) will be shown in pink.

Incomplete Service Forms

Press the Select link on the Dashboard to be taken to the Session page to finish the Service Form.

Any Service Forms started in a Session must be completed before the activities are counted in your reports.

Today’s Updated Sessions Tab

Today’s Updated Sessions tab shows all the Service Forms you have done today. Click Select to open the Service Form and you can view the Services you have provided or update the Session.

Today’s Updated Clients Tab

Today’s Updated Clients tab shows all the client profiles you have entered or opened today. You can open the Client Profile to update it or to start a Session with the Client.

Video Overview

My Incomplete Sessions


Today's Updated Sessions


Today's Updated Clients

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