Financial Services and Outcomes Form

Learn about adding and completing a Financial Services and Outcomes Form for one-to-one services.

Start Here

After you have created a Direct Service (Finance) session and added a Client you will be able to fill out a Financial Services and Outcomes form. 

Direct Service Finance

Instructions and Definitions

A Financial Services and Outcomes Form collects the information captured during  or after a meeting between a program worker and a Client where Services regarding finances are discussed.

If the Clients & Forms section is blank see Adding one or more Clients to a Session - Adding Multiple Clients to a Session Form.

Adding a Financial Services and Outcomes  Form

A Session form must be created first. Once you have completed the Session form you will be able to add Service forms to the Session

The Financial Services and Outcomes Form is attached to the created Session with your Client by clicking + and choosing it from the drop-down.
 Financial Services Form

The first time a form is displayed it will be in pink to indicate that it is incomplete. Click Edit to begin entering information in the form.

Form Overview

Follow the instructions below to fill out the Financial Services and Outcomes Form and register it to OCMS. All fields shaded in Green are mandatory to save the data to OCMS. Yellow fields are mandatory for iCARE reporting.

You can now make any Service Form ‘private’, even within a Program. If the Form is designated as Private, only that staff person and Agency Coordinators can see the information.

 Financial Services Form 2

OCMS Mandatory Fields (green fields)

  • Is the service taking Place in: Use the drop-down to choose the location.
  • Is this a follow up done on behalf of the client: Select Yes or No.
  • Client Stage: Use the drop-down to choose what stage the client is in.
Add Services, Add Outcomes ONLY one box may be checked.

Add Services

You will see a list of financial services only select the services you provided


  • Assets Building: Options to increase financial and tangible assets
  • Financial Services: Information regarding professional services involving the investment, lending, and management of money and assets.
  • Benefits/Income Support: Examples are  Housing Benefit, Tax Reduction, Child Benefit, , Child Tax Credit
  • Money Management: Information regarding budgeting, saving, investing, spending or otherwise in overseeing the cash usage services.
  • Consumer Protection: Examples are Phone, utilities or other services
  • Income Tax: Information on filing and income tax services
  • Other Services: Other services not listed above.
  • Referral: Did you refer the client to any services?

Add Outcomes

You will see a list of financial Outcomes only select the outcomes you provided


  • Income Tax Secured: income tax is completed and a refund or payment is required
  • Other benefits Secured: such as EI, Housing, child benefit
  • T1 Adjustment: adjustments required to the T1.
  • Other Outcomes: Other payments or moneys that may not be listed.

At least ONE topic MUST be selected. Click on Tasks & Referrals only IF they apply to the Topics covered in the Session.

Please note: Tasks & Referrals help to build the Settlement Plan but are NOT mandatory to complete the Financial Services and Outcomes form.

Support Services

Record any support services that your agency provided so you could complete the Service with your Client.

Save the Financial Services and Outcomes Form

Press Save at the top of the page to ensure all information is recorded.

Next Steps

Once you have completed filling in the necessary information, you can add any Tasks or Referrals provided during this session by pressing the Tasks and Referrals button.

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