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Reports Available to All Staff Article not rated yet
Learn about the reports available to all staff. Start Here Click on the My Reports link in the Reporting section of the sidebar to access all reports available to staff.  Types of Reports Staff can run reports based on Direct Services, Information & Orientation and Community Connections Group ...
My Briefcase - Execute Report in Background Article not rated yet
"Execute Report in Background" is a new option when you are submitting reports that will help improve the speed and usability of the site. We call it "My Briefcase". Each agency generates a lot of client and session data and filtering that data to generate reports requires a lot of computer power (...
Report Filter Fields Article rated 5.0/5.0
Learn about the filter options that can be used with each report. Start Here Click on the My Reports link in the Reporting section of the sidebar to access any of the reports available.   Each report begins with a page of filtering options.  You must enter t...

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